What is Web Technology And Why It Matters

 Web Technology And Its Uses

First of all we should know about web technology then we go to details. There is three types of web technology in market like web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0.

What is Web Technology And Why It Matters

Web 1.0 technology

In this technology only one way communication technology. Web 1.0 is used for only writing purpose for example in the past only website owner writes content and it was static website. Some example of this technology:

  • ·       Social network sites
  • ·       Blogs
  • ·       Site that let user to share content

Web 2.0 technology                                     

Web 2.0 is very important for your content collaborate with users and make high authority backlinks where users interact with your content and search engine easily understand your links. So Web 2.0 or Blog Submission is very great role into SEO. There are some site where you can easily make accounts and share your content for your website:


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Web 3.0 technology

This technology is going to trending day by day and it is very fast for users. In this technology users and system involve to each other. There is some example of these technology:

  • ·       Blockchain technology
  • ·       Cryptocurrency
  • ·       Non fungible token

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